… a unique, trustworthy expertise and for your ECTN:
    Electronic Cargo Tracking Note

  • Our teams check the ECTNs, on arrival in the destination port.


    … acts as the interface for the National Shippers Councils,
    and the customs authorities.

  • Our departments are involved in improving security,
    reducing fraud and facilitating electronic trade transactions.

PHOENIX TFS supports governmental authorities of the countries
wishing to introduce the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN, ECTN)
or the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS)
in the context of Trade Facilitation and Security.

With 30 Years of experience behind us, our company has the flexibility and agility of a company on a human scale, yet is backed by the rigorous organisation of a large group. Our sole specialisation is Trade Facilitation & Security, by helping you manage the complexity involved when Trade Facilitation and Security converge, etc. Read more

With more than 80 offices and agents around the world, we are mandated by governmental authorities (Transport and Finance ministries, National Shippers Councils, Customs authorities, Port authorities … ) to work as much on Trade Facilitation as on strengthening Security and reducing fraud. Read more

As an operator, our first goal is to provide a premium service to our government clients in order for them to introduce an adapted response for the many requirements related to Trade Facilitation and Security, whether this is for ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) or ENS (Entry Summary Declaration), Single Window or Customs Valuation services, etc. Read more

The CargoTracking Note (CTN) or the ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) or the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), is a system for collecting documents and processing information required by the client country for maritime imports, in order to obtain prior information for ensure more security, resources planning, statistics, and more generally in order to participate in the WTO and the WCO recommendations on Trade Facilitation and Security. Read more